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You won’t find chemicals or plastic in our products. Instead, we have looked to history and research to find the most effective natural means of cleaning teeth. And we’ve travelled the very globe we seek to protect to do it.

Our Bare Bio Toothbrush is created from 100% biodegradable, sustainably sourced bamboo in Asia.

Our Bare Paste harness the natural ingredients of the Olive Tree – a tree which has long been used in Arab nations, Egypt and Africa for its tooth whitening and antibacterial benefits.

The Olive Tree features not only a history that dates back thousands of years, but is recognised by the scientific community and World Health Organization alike.

About you

At Bare Brush we believe in the best of bare essentials. Each day we mindlessly ingest chemicals in our food, through our environment and endless self-care products. Each day we contribute to the deterioration of that environment through pollution, packaging and waste.

Small changes can make a big difference, and we believe everyone can be empowered to make that change. That’s why we offer affordable natural toothbrushes and oral health products that are not only better for your health, but allow you to make an environmental difference by minimising the use of plastics.

About the environment

At Bare Brush we also believe in the bare facts. Each year 30 million toothbrushes go to landfill in Australia alone, contributing to 1000 tonnes of waste. In the US 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded annually.

All this plastic has a nasty habit of making its way into our oceans and our wildlife. It contributes to the estimated 165 million tonnes of plastic pollution in the world’s waterways alone.

And it begs a question that should concern us all: how long is this sustainable?

We also believe in the bare truth. The only element of our toothbrushes that is not biodegradable is the bristles, purely because current techniques and technology do not allow for it. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact and we constantly seek better ways.

About all

Our Bare vision and mission is to guide humanity to optimal oral and environmental health through education and natural products that give us all something to smile about.

Part of ensuring that smile is to enable those who can’t afford oral healthcare resources have free access to them.

That’s one way that we give back. The other is to ensure the environment we live in is better, cleaner and healthier as a result.

It’s our Bare belief, our Bare commitment, and the Bare basics of what we aim to achieve.

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