Ideally, the average person should dedicate two minutes, twice daily to cleaning their teeth. But after we learn the art as children it becomes a habit we tend to think very little about. With cavities affecting almost 100 per cent of the adult population globally, the sad truth is there’s a good chance we could be doing a better job.

So, here’s a quick refresher on exactly how to clean your teeth…

Two minutes, well spent

Proper tooth brushing takes some serious attention to detail, and not one of those teeth is less important than another.

Experts recommend starting the process by dedicating your attention to the outside area of the top and bottom teeth, then moving to the inside area before tackling the chewing surfaces.

The action should be firm but gentle, and the movement should see you swish the brush from side to side and in a circular motion.

Pay specific attention to those hard to reach areas and don’t forget the gumline, where you should use a sweeping motion to remove any food debris.

The tongue is optional, but research indicates brushing the tongue and even the sides of the mouth helps remove bacteria, which can assist in reducing bad breath.

Would you like floss with that?

Nearly half the surface area of your teeth lies between them, so flossing should be a non-negotiable part of your daily routine.

The correct flossing protocol sees the floss create a c-shape to scrape debris from the side of the tooth. Then move it down and up to dislodge any debris between your teeth.

Going natural

When you consider brushing your teeth, chances are the good old plastic toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste spring to mind.

Contrary to popular belief, harsh chemicals and plastics are not required in this daily oral hygiene routine.

The sad fact is 30 million plastic toothbrushes are discarded in Australia alone each year. What’s more they take 500 years to break down. But who said a toothbrush had to be plastic? Biodegradable options like the Bare Brush bamboo option are a great alternative.

Meanwhile, although the brushing technique has been established over centuries, fluoride toothpaste is a relatively recent addition to our daily routine.

There are natural alternatives to modern toothpaste chemicals that offer equally compelling dental hygiene results. These include natural products like Salvadora Persica which has some serious scientific credentials to back its popularity.

One study notes the World Health Organization encourages the use of Salvadora Persica as it has been proven to be effective in combatting bacteria, alleviating gingivitis, and preventing dental cavities.

About Bare Brush

At Bare Brush we have a range of natural toothbrushes and toothpaste offering minimal environmental impact. We also feature chew sticks from the Salvadora Persica Tree. Our aim is to offer the best available oral hygiene tools, while also minimising our environmental footprint. It’s the best of toothbrush history combined in one convenient place.

You can learn more about the Bare Brush here or contact us for further advice.

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