Bare Bristles

The sophisticated flavour profile of our Olive Miswak extraction (a.k.a: Bare bristles) have a unique bitterness comparable to coffee or dark chocolate with some woody notes and nutty sweetness.

The bare bristles (Miswak) is an ancient method of oral health care and is cultivated from the roots of various trees. Its roots stem back thousands of years and have been utilised due to its effective cleansing properties, giving its users the natural polish effect whilst strengthening gums, ridding of bacteria/gunk and removing bad breath, leaving its users with a refreshing breath.

  • Each bare contains 30 bristles.

 The medicinal properties of the Olive tree is also announced world wide for its wide range of benefits to holistic health. 

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    Taylor Pierre

    I loved it is so different from the usual teeth whiteners you see everyday, I love how fun it is to use too!
    Taylor Pierre.

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